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Wellness With Wendy

Neutralizing Picky Eaters

It’s every parents’ nightmare: you sit down to a holiday meal with family and friends, and your picky eater throws a mealtime tantrum. How can you make healthy holiday fare, and still get your kids to like

Cold and Flu Busters

It’s that time of year when sniffles, aches, colds and germs are everywhere! But you don’t have to fall victim to illness this season – there are so many different ways that you can naturally prevent the

Why Diets Fail

When you struggle with your health or with excess weight, it’s easy for others to say, “just set your mind to it.” But until you’re ready, you’ll just experience failure, which can be discouraging. I’m Wendy Corr,

Living Mindfully

How many of you feel like your life is a series of crises? Putting out fires is your job – but you spend much of your time tired, overwhelmed and frustrated? I’m Wendy Corr, and in today’s

Strength Training for Better Health

When we think of weight loss, the first place we start is with the foods that we eat. But that’s not the only component to getting healthy – exercise is a huge part of your success. I’m