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Halloween = Sugar Overload

There are several times of year when you’ll really want to re-think your consumption of sugary sweets… and this may be one of those days! The sugar rush and crash that comes with holidays that revolve around

Stay Well On the Road

Often we’re tempted to let our health go while we’re out of town – and we make food and lifestyle choices that could negatively impact everything from your digestion to getting a good night’s sleep – and

Increase Your Movement Every Day

You might already be walking regularly, even daily, but are you actually moving enough? Really, even if you exercise for a half hour per day, that’s still only just over 4% of your day spent moving —

Simple Swaps for Unhealthy Foods

It’s often difficult to eat healthy all the time. But the health benefits of choosing whole, natural foods over heavily processed fast food or convenience products far outweigh the negatives! So where do you begin? I’m Wendy