Worland News 5-16-18

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Per a report in the Northern Wyoming Daily News, filing for state and local offices begins Thursday and runs through June 1, for a variety of offices on the primary ballot, scheduled for voting on Aug. 21.
Applicants for state offices must register through the Office of the Secretary of State, while county positions will register with the county clerk. City and municipal positions will register with the city or town clerk.
A $25 filing fee applies to all offices, and those filing for office must be a Wyoming resident and registered voter. Due to state law, those seeking partisan offices must register as either Republican or Democrat to be eligible for the primary. The general election will be Nov. 6.
The last day to register to vote will be Aug. 6, although voters may register at the polls on Aug. 21 with proper identification.

Recent developments in drone usage along with technology challenges, acquiring data and legal issues are among topics at the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Symposium at the University of Wyoming.
Sessions are Wednesday-Thursday, May 30-31, at the University of Wyoming Convention Center in the Hilton Garden Inn.
Experts and users of drone technology will share experiences on developments in hardware and software along with applications in agriculture, geology, photogrammetry, communications and many more, said Ramesh Sivanpillai(See-van-pee-lie), research scientist in the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC) on campus.
Cameras and sensors onboard drones acquire images and videos providing valuable information for agricultural producers, foresters, hydrologists, geologists, meteorologists, city planners, real estate agents and others.
Overall session topics across the two days are safety and legal issues; advances in hardware and software; applications; and a panel discussion of the FAA remote pilot certification examination.
Contact WyGISC interim director Paddington Hodza at 307-766-3709 or 307-766-2721 for more information.

Northwest College in northern Wyoming has agreed to implement a number of policy revisions and changes as a result of a pair of federal civil rights investigations.
The Cody Enterprise reports the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights recently concluded its investigations stemming from a 2016 complaint alleging the school discriminates on the basis of sex by not appropriately responding to complaints of sexual violence.
College President Stefani Hicswa says the college has already taken a number of steps to address the issues including clarifying that anyone may file a civil rights complaint at any time and ensuring adequate training of sexual misconduct policy.
While the investigation has concluded, the Office of Civil Rights says it will monitor the school until all of the agreed recommendations were implemented.

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