Worland News 3-12-18 15th Street Construction Begins Today

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Construction at the 15th Street Intersection with Big Horn Avenue will begin today and run through the first week in April. New sewer improvements, a new walking bridge and road re-pavement will be on tap as WYDOT and local crews finish up the 15th Street Project.

Limited entrances and exits to the businesses on each of the corners will be available during construction. Plan accordingly to move your daily commute around 15th Street. Detour and road closed signs will be up. Local authorites ask that motorists do not use the Maverick throughway to avoid the 15th Street closure. Big Horn Avenue will be open during this period, be aware of construction workers and equipment near the intersection.

Holly Anne Herrera, 33, will serve four to five years in the Wyoming Women’s Center in Lusk after having her probation revoked by District Court Judge Robert E. Skar on Wednesday.
Herrera’s underlying charges were possession of a controlled substance which she was sentenced to time served and probation. In April of 2017, Herrera failed a routine drug test then absconded. An arrest warrant was issued April 20, 2017.
Herrera was arrested in Hot Springs County last July on possession of a controlled substance and two charges of child endangerment in connection with possession of methamphetamines in the presence of children. She was convicted on those charges but still faces sentencing in Hot Springs County.
According to Washakie County Attorney John Worrall, Quote “Miss Herrera will be going to prison because of a long-standing drug problem and associated petty crimes,” “Her arrest history reads like a roadmap to Lusk.” Endquote
Worrall said that Herrera will next be transferred to Hot Springs County to be sentenced on her charges there before being moved to the Wyoming Women’s Center.
“Her history started with a couple DWIs and driving under suspension charges in her early 20s, and progressively got worse to include property crimes, fraud, and several drug charges,” he said. “If issues of substance abuse aren’t addressed early, the legal system has a way of addressing them in the long-term. Nobody wants to see an addict in prison, but at this point, Miss Herrera has exhausted all other options.”

T he first grizzly bear hunting in the lower 48 states in more than 40 years could happen in Wyoming this fall.
Yellowstone-region grizzlies haven’t been hunted since they were put on the federal endangered species list in 1975. Wyoming officials released a plan Friday that would allow up to 24 grizzlies to be killed this fall.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission will vote on the plan May 23.
The Casper Star-Tribune reports up to 12 bears could be killed in an area immediately surrounding Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Another 12 could be killed on farms, ranches and other areas not considered typical grizzly habitat.
Idaho and Montana are not planning their own hunts since the government removed Yellowstone-region grizzlies from federal protection in 2017.

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