Worland News 12-6-17

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Two Utah men connected to a distribution case in Worland that was foiled by customs agents will now see their cases moved to federal court where mandatory minimums and other sentence enhancements will come into play.
Dustin Ray Teeples, 42, and Kevin Crowley, 43, are accused of having 506 grams of alpha-pyrrolidinovalerphenone shipped from Hong Kong to a Worland residence. The synthetic drug which is similar to bath salts is more widely known as “flakka.” This is the first known case of the drug making an appearance in Wyoming.
Last Wednesday, federal agents transported Teeples from the Washakie County Jail to Casper where he will be arraigned on federal distribution charges. US Marshals are now looking for Crowley who absconded during a medical furlough in late eptember.
Worrall said that the two will be facing longer sentences with mandatory minimums in a federal court as well as possible enhancement due to the amount of drugs involved. “They have extensive criminal histories and the quantity in this case is very significant,” he said. “Flakka is generally sold by the 10th of a gram. They had more than 5,000 individual hits in that one package.”
Worrall also said that the case was significant in the far-reaching drug trade in Worland. He said that the case lead to the arrests of nine other people who have been involved in the felony distribution of controlled substances in our community as well as assistance from more than a dozen informants.
“There is no doubt in my mind that good police work is really putting a dent in our local drug problem. However, there is still a lot more work to do.”

A two-hour closure of U.S. 20/Wyoming 789 has been rescheduled to Thursday, Dec. 7, in Wind River Canyon. The closure is intended to help a contractor successfully and safely bring a large rock off the canyon wall to the edge of the highway.
Wyoming Department of Transportation geologists have determined that the large rock needs to be removed from the rock wall prior to winter near the Fremont-Hot Springs county line.
“The two-hour highway closure is scheduled between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Thursday,” said WYDOT resident engineer Kaia Tharp of Thermopolis.
All work is dependent upon favorable weather.
Tharp said work began Monday, Dec 4, with drilling and preparation of the site for blasting with explosives. “Drivers should expect 15-minute stop times through Friday morning,” Tharp said. “Traffic will be slowed in the work zone with the use of flaggers. After blasting on Thursday, 15-minute stop delays are expected until all rocks are cleared from the roadway. The road may be closed again if all the rock does not come down during the first blast.”
Citizens are being informed of the Thursday closure in a number of ways, including through use of digital message signs near Shoshoni and Thermopolis.

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