Body of Missing Yellowstone Employee Recovered

By Bryce Cornatzer
18 Aug 2014

Yellowstone officials pulled the body of a missing employee from a treacherous part of the Yellowstone River Saturday.

22 year old Darien Latty of Demorest, Georgia went missing Monday after illegally floating the Yellowstone River with two other seasonal employees. The group dropped their inner tubes in the Lamar River and floated to the confluence with the Yellowstone. There, Latty's two companions pulled their inner tubes out of the water, but a swift current knocked Latty from his inner tube and swept him down river.

The three were not wearing life jackets.

Rangers were notified of the incident and began their search Monday night. The search included 50 people who were working from helicopters, on the ground, and using three dog teams.

Latty's body was spotted from above the river. He was partially submerged and pinned to a rock about one quarter mile downstream from where his peers last saw him.

A swift water rescue team out of Montana was used to navigate the river using kyaks and a raft. The team dislodged Latty's body. The body was then secured to a helicopter drop line and removed from the steep area by air.

The coroner positively identified the body of Latty and will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Yellowstone strictly prohibits floating of the Yellowstone River due to potential danger.

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