Yellowstone Park Employee Missing After Illegal Float

By Bryce Cornatzer
12 Aug 2014

Yellowstone Park officials are searching for a missing employee following an illegal inner tube float down the Yellowstone River.

22 year old Darian Latty of Georgia went with two other park concession employees for a river float Monday night. The group dropped in Lamar River and floated to the junction with the Yellowstone River where Latty's two companions pulled-out of the water. A swift stream caught Latty and swept him off his inner tube.

The three were not wearing life jackets.

Rangers were notified of the incident and a search of the area began immediately Monday night. No sign of Latty was found.

Rangers increased search efforts Tuesday with the aid of a helicopter, three dog teams, and about 50 people serving on several small ground search teams.

Floating the Yellowstone River is strictly prohibited due to potential danger.

Every year, Yellowstone hires thousands of season employees, some from years prior and others are completely new to working and living in the area. Yellowstone has many rules and regulations that would be a departure from everyday life outside the park, but public affairs officer Al Nash says employees are oriented every year.

"I don't know the details," said Nash, "but, yes, they do get an orientation."

While many employees follow park rules, Nash adds that Yellowstone is no different from any other community.

"We're going to see 3,000 concession employees in the summer," said Nash. "Some of them are going to push the limits. It's going to happen in any group that size."

The family was notified prior to public release of the incident.

Efforts to locate Latty are focused along the Yellowstone River corridor from Tower Junction to Gardiner, Montana.

Latty is five foot seven, weighs 140 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information regarding Latty's potential whereabouts is asked to call Yellowstone National Park, 307-344-2642.
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