Mundy Walks from a Rollover on Powell Highway

By Bryce Cornatzer
11 Aug 2014

A single vehicle accident on US 14-16-20 resulted in the total loss of the vehicle.

Mike Mundy of Powell was driving west toward Cody around 6 Sunday evening. He was a few miles outside of Ralston when the front passenger tire on his seventies model Ford F-150 blew-out, sending him careening off the north side of the highway.

Mundy's pick-up crossed the shoulder, flipped twice in the railroad right of way, and came to rest right side up on the north side of the tracks.

Mundy was a little shaken by the incident but mostly upset over the loss of his truck in which he had just installed a new engine.

“I don't have power steering,” said Mundy. “Blow a tire or something, that steering wheel just comes over and there's no stopping it. That line on the passenger side of the cab, that's where it landed on the railroad track. The track went right through the cab and busted me up. That's alright.”

Mundy was wearing his seat belt and walked away from the accident. EMTs arrived on scene but save for a small scratch that could be seen through the torn shoulder of his shirt, Mundy sustained no serious injuries.

All but the driver side of the cab was completely caved-in and it was clear where the steel rail of track creased the truck's headache rack just feet from Mundy's head.

Mundy was not issued a citation.

Mundy's mother, Jackie, says passersby witnessed the accident.

“There was a lady that let him use her phone,” said Jackie. “She saw it in her rear view mirror. She was a nurse. She said she thought he was dead.”

Jackie and her husband Willie comforted Mundy as the reality of his loss continued to sink-in.

“Like I said, you don't drink,” said Willie. “This is just something that happens. If you had been drinking this would have been a whole different issue.”

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper and Burlington Northern official remained on scene until the wreckage was cleared.

Mundy was able to flag-down Ty Henderson of Powell as he passing by on the highway with his backhoe on a trailer.

The truck was cleared from the railroad right of way using Henderson's backhoe and will be hauled-off today.

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