Powell Panthers' Football Coach Stringer Dies Friday

By Bryce Cornatzer
18 July 2014

Powell High School's head football coach died Friday.

Last year, coach Jim Stringer celebrated Powell High's third championship win a row. Stringer created nothing short of football dynasty with the last two teams being undefeated.

Powell Panthers' high tide began in 2011 when the team won all of its play-off games.

Last year's win was set in motion by Stringer's son, Riley. Riley blocked the winning point from Douglas, sending the game into overtime. Once in overtime, Powell took the win for the third championship in a row.

Following the win, coach Stringer reflected on the team's successes.

“We've had a good run of kids in the last three or four years,” said Stringer. “It's been nice because it's been spread-out with some kids in the senior class, junior, class and sophomore class, so the next year you've still got good kids in the senior class, junior class, and sophomore class. It hasn't been a wash of talent all at once.”

Son Riley will be a senior this year.

Stringer reportedly died around mid-day today of a heart attack.

Stringer is survived by his wife Jill; son Riley; and two freshman daughters, Kooper and Kodi.

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