Tuition for Yellowstone Students: Round Three

By Bryce Cornatzer
2 July 2014

Park County officials are headed back to the drawing board over the issue of tuition payments for Yellowstone students. Another meeting is being called because the state could not follow through with its promises.

The Park County School District Boundary Board met last and recommended that the county extend Powell's school district to include Mammoth, a town both within Park County and Yellowstone, enabling the state to pay an out of state school district for the education of Wyoming students.

The board wanted two assurances from the state. First, the county would be indemnified from the collection of past payments totaling $10 million. Second, Park County would not have interference in enforcing education on federal land.

The attorney general's office has not been able to follow through on both assurance.

“If they don't indemnify the Powell school district,” said Commissioner Tim French, “I'm going to have a real hard time voting for it at all. The Powell school district needs to be protected.”

As he reads it, Commissioner Lee Livingston says Yellowstone has no legal avenue to collect past payments. He says jurisdiction is the biggest issue.

“We got an indemnification, at least the way I read it,” said Livingston. “We did not get what we asked for as far as interfering with our jurisdictional authority.”

The boundary board is made-up of the county assessor and the commissioners, among others.
A majority of the commissioners say a vote to extend does not look favorable.

The board's third meeting is July 21 at the Park County Court House.

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