Local Broadcasters Inducted into Wyo Hall of Fame

By Bryce Cornatzer
23 June 2014

Two long-time local broadcasters were inducted into the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame Saturday.


“Well, this just means I've been around for a really long and haven't been fired, is what this means,” said Scott Mangold, part-owner of KPOW, host, play-by-play announcer, and former Mayor of Powell.


Before making his way to Powell, Mangold was working at the famed KVI in Seattle, Washington – well known for having been owned at the time by singing artist Buck Owens. Mangold came to Powell to work on his play-by-play announcing before heading-off to another large market.


That final move never happened.


“Thirty five years in Powell and at one radio station – it was supposed to just be a stop-over, but thirty five years,” said Mangold, “I have family and have put down my roots. All of a sudden they say I'm going to be in the hall of fame and I'm still alive. Usually they honor us post-mortem but I'll be going in alive.”


Also inducted in the Wyoming broadcasters hall of fame was one of Legend Communications own.


“Seventeen years ago I was very lucky to interview and hire Roger Gelder,” said Larry Patrick, the owner of Legend Communications, Wyoming's single largest broadcasting network, serving all of the state's northern tier. “He came to Cody and let me tell you, he's done everything I could have ever hoped for – he's made us a part of this community.


“I think Roger Gelder is unbelievably deserving of being in the hall of fame.”


Gelder has worked in northern US radio for 45 years.


At Saturday's ceremony, Gelder's family was in attendance, including his mother, now in her eighties. Gelder says his mother has always been his biggest supporter in a career choice that his father didn't always understand.


“It wasn't so much taking issue as it was not understanding how do you make a living playing records,” said Gelder. “He came to understand over the years and then when I came into my present position he realized that it's not just a lark. It takes quite a bit to run a business. If it wasn't for the 25 people that we have in our building here in Cody nothing would operate.


“It's a matter of being in a small town that I love to be in, surrounded with people that I enjoy. Quite honsetly, don't tell the owner of the station, Larry Patrick, that I'm having this much fun.”


Mangold and Gelder were inducted into the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame along with Bill Luzmoor who passed away in 2012.

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