Cody Theft Hits Local Youth Non-Profit

By Bryce Cornatzer
10 June 2014

Thefts at three different Cody locations reported Wednesday appear to be connected.

The reporting person was with the Cody Optimist Club and was making rounds collecting money from their donation boxes at various locations around town. At three locations the boxes were missing entirely.

“Those are the only three that we are aware of,” said Cody's Assistant Police Chief George Menig. “We don't have a time frame on when it happened. [The Optimists] put the boxes out and when they went to make their collections they realized that they were gone.

“We're just following-up to see if there any other locations and if we can get any video surveillance to identify when they were taken or taken by whom.”
Bob Bole is with the Cody Optimists. As he looked into the issue further he says the story he got in each instance was the same.

“Apparently somebody came-in and said the project is done,” said Bole. “They picked them up and headed out the door. Nobody said a thing.”

There's no telling how much money was taken but Bole says, historically, the boxes could contain anywhere between $70 and $140 each.

“People are very generous on this thing,” said Bole. “It's a kick in the teeth. It just bothers you that somebody has that kind of brass.

“What we are doing is we're telling our members that we're going to have a a letter on our local club letterhead that says 'this person is authorized to pick-up the money.' We're not going to take the boxes out; we're just going to pick the money up and move on.”

The money stolen goes to fund Optimist-sponsored events for children, upwards of 20 each year.

Anyone with information that could leaf to the identification of a suspect in the three thefts can call the Cody Police Department, 307-527-8700.

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