Powell VA Contract is Up, Cody Wants In

By Bryce Cornatzer
10 June 2014

Veterans in the Basin could be receiving care in a different hospital in years to come.  

Six months ago, it was announced that the contract with the VA to provide medical services to veterans is up for renewal and at least two are vying to have a go at the request for proposal.

West Park CEO Doug McMillan wants to look at the RFP and a chance to provide veteran services that have come through Powell Valley Healthcare for many years.

“Why now,” said McMillan, “we have the space; we have a wonderful facility in the Cathcart Health Center. I just feel that it would be a great service, a great part of our organization – having the VA contract and provide the services that the VA is looking for in Wyoming, providing services in an outpatient clinic setting to the veterans.”

Amidst financial difficulties, Powell Valley Healthcare CEO Bill Patton says he's not interested in losing the VA contract.

“Competition is a good things,” said Patton. “Do I want to lose the contract? No. We have had to bid for the contract in the past and have been successful in having it renewed. It's my understanding that West Park actually was an active participant the last time the contract came-up for renewal.

“We have a very good relationship with the VA folks in Sheridan – not to say that that earns us any bonus points. Change is always a difficult thing, especially for the elderly, and many of our veterans are elderly, so I could easily make a case that, assuming our bid in competitive, that we should retain the contract.”

This is the first contract renewal process for both McMillan and Patton and both are eager to see what's in the contract.

The VA has not provided a time frame for when the RFP will be released. Patton says that other issues in the VA are likely taking precedence over contracts.

Currently, Powell Valley is continuing VA services under a contract extension.

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