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conference_roomOur sales team here at the Big Horn Radio Network are some of the most experienced, well-trained marketing sales professionals in the state. When you meet with a Big Horn Radio Network Account Executive, here is what you can expect:

Your first meeting is a needs-analysis meeting. This meeting is to determine whether or not Big Horn Radio Network listeners and fans make sense for you based on your target demographic, marketing goals and objectives. The goal is for the Account Executive to have a thorough understanding of your business, its unique position in the market place, and what you’d hope to achieve as well as your expectations of a marketing campaign.

Big Horn Radio Network Small Business Solutions
small_business01(1)At your second meeting, the Account Executive will share with you a customized, research-based proposal that will help achieve the goals you outlined during the needs-analysis meeting. There are many different elements that can be used for marketing your business effectively to Big Horn Radio Network loyal listeners and fans with a variety of internet, web, video and radio products. Your Account Executive will explain the reasons for the marketing strategy they are recommending whether it’s a strategic placement of radio commercials, video elements on the web; and how it all together to will highlight your business’s unique strengths, break through the clutter, and help you get new customers (or as some like to say, “help you capture market share”).

Big Horn Radio Network Consultancy
consuting01Your Big Horn Radio Network Account Executive will also work with you in developing creative commercial copy that will bring about the results you need. Often times at the second meeting, the proposal stage, the Account Executive will be able to provide a sample radio commercial or a “mock-up” of other commercial content. At minimum the Account Executive will be able to explain a creative strategy that will engage Big Horn Radio Network listeners and fans. All commercial content whether it be audio or visual will be submitted for your approval and agreement.

Small Business Advertising Solutions
small_business02Hopefully, at this point you have received all the information you need to make a good decision about whether or not the Big Horn Radio Network makes sense for your business. Then, you too will reap the benefit of Big Horn Radio Network consumers buying your product and/or services as hundreds of local businesses do on a monthly basis.

If you would like a Big Horn Radio Network Account Executive to contact you about marketing to our loyal listeners, call our sales department at 307-578-5000 or you can fill out our simple web form and a sales representative will contact you shortly.