Park County Search and Rescue Saves Worland Family

By Staff
14 July 2014

A Worland family was rescued over the weekend after becoming stuck in deep mud on public land in Park County.

30 year old Jeffrey Kordonowy and his wife Nicole Phillips, also 30, left Worland Friday evening with their two young children. The family intended to take a recreational drive through a Bureau of Land Management area known as 15 Mile. Just before midnight the family's SUV sunk into mud that completely buried the vehicle's front end.

24 hours later, the family was attempting to walk out of the area in direction of Meeteetse when they ran out of water. Kordonowy and Phillips became concerned for the welfare of the two small children.

Kordonowy called emergency dispatch and advised the sheriff's office of the situation.

BLM was dispatched to the area along with a Park County Search and Rescue plane. Search and Rescue spotted the family by air about 2.5 miles east of Baking Powder Springs.

BLM and Search and Rescue arrived on scene where the family was tired but in good health.

The SUV was towed out of the mud with the help of a BLM vehicle.

BLM officials escorted the family back to Worland.

Sheriff Scott Steward advises all travelers to be prepared for emergencies when venturing into remote areas.

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Location : Park County