Utah Man to be Sentenced for Biting-off Nose of Cody Man

By Bryce Cornatzer
28 July 2014

The felony case involving one man biting-off a portion of another man's nose in a Cody bar is speeding-up.

Last July, Cody Police responded to the Silver Dollar Bar after receiving report of an alleged assault. There, officers found David Hodson-Eckert holding a towel to his face and patrons claiming that 39 year old Brent Coffin of Roy, Utah had bit-off Hodson-Eckert's nose.

The police affidavit reads that officers observed the flesh in question on the floor of the bar.

Reportedly, 39 year old Coffin became enraged when he exited the men's room, yelling that there were no paper towels. Coffin was beligerant toward employees. Several patrons attempted to calm him, including Hodson-Eckert.

Coffin and Hodson-Eckert wrestled on the floor and when Coffin was pulled from the floor, witnesses reported seeing Hodson-Eckert's nose missing.

Coffin was taken into custody while Hodson-Eckert was transported along with his nose to West Park Hospital. There, doctors told the patient it would take about one year for the nose to heal completely following the required surgeries.

Coffin pled not guilty to one count of felony assault in August of last year.

The jury trail that was three times continued was vacated Tuesday. A change of plea hearing has been requested.

Hodson-Eckert filed a civil suit against Coffin in October. The plaintiff sought relief from assault and battery; emotional distress; negligence; and traumatic injury. That suit was to proceed following the completion of the criminal trial.

The civil suit was removed from the Park County District Court in November of last year by the US District Court. The civil case will now be tried in federal court.

If convicted on the felony charge, Coffin faces 10 years in prison, $10,000 in fines, or both.

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Location : Utah