One Arrest Made During Hell's Angels' Vacation

By Bryce Cornatzer
1 August 2014

The number of contacts being made by police during the Hell's Angels visit rose Thursday.

Officer John Harris with the Cody Police Department says Cody officers have made 11 traffic stops, resulting in ten warnings and one citation.

“Two of those traffic stops were Hell's Angels members,” said Officer Harris, “both of which resulted in warnings for those infractions and they were both minor traffic violations.”

In a press conference Friday morning, Police Chief Perry Rockvam says this year's relatively quiet event is due to conversations he's had with police chiefs in cities around the country, locations that hosted the Hells Angels between this year and 2006.

“We made our plans based-on what happened in previous events,” said Chief Rockvam. “I think the information that we received was very helpful for us and that's why I think things are going well for us today. It makes it a lot easier when you've done something a second time. You're learning when you're doing something the first time and that's what happened in 2006.”

Cody Mayor Nancy Tia Brown added that the calmness of the event was a symptom of the plan.

“Chief Rockvam is very modest about all that's gone into planning the enforcement of this event,” said Mayor Brown. “All the planning is why we are experiencing the calm.”

One arrest was made Thursday. 44 year old Mark Price of Napa, Idaho was arrested for riding a stolen motorcycle.

Officer Harris says Price stopped-in at a Cody bank and claimed he was being threatened by Hell's Angels members. A teller relayed that same information to dispatch.

“Officers responded,” said Officer Harris, “and during their investigation they were unable to substantiate his claims that he was being followed or that his life was in danger. However, they did determine that the motorcycle he was riding had been stolen.

“He appears to have known motorcycle gang affiliations – we're not quite sure which – but he was not wearing any cuts or anything to indicate that he was related to the Hell's Angels.”

Price is currently in custody at the Park County Law Enforcement Center.

The department is also fighting a rumor that says Hell's Angels members were involved in a fatal crash somewhere in the state. Officer Harris says he believes that rumor is coming from questions over a Wednesday morning crash involving two motorcyclists on 17th Street. The two involved in that crash were uninjured. Neither was a member of the Hell's Angels.

Law enforcement are preparing for this weekend's events, with Cody's First Iron Horse Rodeo on Saturday and a street dance in front of the Irma Hotel the same night.

Chief Rockvam said a plan is in place during the events to ensure safety for the general public should an incident occur.

The Angels will be in Cody through August 2.

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