Final Suspect in Walmart Theft Racket to be Sentenced

By Bryce Cornatzer
23 June 2014

A deal has been made for the last suspect in the Cody Area Classifieds theft racket.

23 year old Breanna Armstrong was arrested in August as a suspect in the theft of items from Walmart that were later sold on the local social media site, Cody Area Classifieds.

Along with her husband Cory, Armstrong allegedly helped to steal a barbeque grill, cooking appliances, and baby care items, later selling them on the classifieds website. The thefts are said to have taken place over three months last summer.

Armstrong pled not guilty to two counts of felony theft in September.

Armstrong also has two felony drug cases pending against her. The first contains three felony counts for distributing Adderall and Oxycodone. The second for delivering Oxycodone.

For all charges pending against her, Armstrong faces up to 80 years in prison and $90,000 in fines.

A change of plea and sentencing hearing has been scheduled for June 25.

Husband Cory Armstrong was sentenced for his role in the Walmart thefts March of this year. Armstrong received five years with 218 days credit served.

Correction: originally, we reported that the change of plea hearing was July 25.
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