Game and Fish Undertaking Two Wildlife Capture Operations This Month


The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be undertaking two major wildlife capture operations this month.
As part of an ongoing study to understand the ecology of brucellosis and elk in the Bighorn Mountains, Game and Fish plans to capture and collar elk later this month. Up to 52 elk will be captured using a helicopter net-gunning operation in the northern and southern Bighorn Mountains and on the lower Greybull River.  Capture crew members will take blood samples, fit each elk with a GPS tracking collar, and then release the elk.
Officials say the capture will be cancelled if winter conditions in the area grow more severe and the capture would add too much stress on the elk.
Additionally, the Game and Fish Department will conduct a bighorn sheep capture this Saturday, February 18th east of Lovell.  Twenty-five sheep will be captured from the Devil's Canyon area using a helicopter net-gunning operation, then brought back to a staging area where they will be processed.    

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