CHS Sports Accolades

          About the most recent Tuesday night: Cody High School put on its annual Athletic Awards Program.  Kids involved with sports – including cheerleading as well as Special Olympics – over the 2015-16 academic year got recognized.  That calendar's lone Wyoming State championship crew thus far – 3A Classification Filly golf back in the fall – was honored (boys and girls soccer actually both end their 2015 ledgers come the such 3A State tournaments by Sheridan late this week), Pure Performance presentations were made for lifetime achievements – participating across a trio of prep athletics among all four years, senior Brody Smith garnered acclaim for being Wyoming's Gatorade Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year again, plus particular individual team prizes got mentioned – All-Conference then All-State picks (minus soccer), various MVPs aside from Outstanding Performers, Most Improved, Rookie(s) of the Year, Spirit of the Bronc and/or Filly, besides other specific praise.
          Beyond that stuff, the evening wrapped up when respective notice was given to certain 12th-graders only.  Regina Gee earned the Sweitzer Award concerning the outstanding academic athlete around CHS.  The aforementioned Smith alongside Trent Bronnenberg split the Mick Barrus Award regarding the male athlete with the most desire, while Scout Vannoy took that corresponding female accolade.  Blake Hinze as well as Ashly Nieters each won the Buchanan-McFarland Award for the outstanding such male and female athlete.  Finally, Brody plus Shaylee Schutzman pegged the particular Margaret Martin Award that goes to the Bronc/Filly candidates over the Wyoming Class 3A/4A Mower Award come the top respective boy aside from girl athlete/student/citizen at this state's whole Northwest District; Smith gained that certain male recognition, too (Powell Lady Panther Breanna Donarski tabbed the corresponding female honor).