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07/09/14 11:32 AM

A county board's third meeting to consider extending a Park County school district's boundary into Yellowstone National Park has been delayed.Park County convened its boundary board for the first time in over 40 years after Yellowstone announced earlier this year that it would no longer pay for the education of students living in Mammoth Hot Springs
07/09/14 07:39 AM

A family of southern vacationers got a rude awakening yesterday morning along the North Fork Highway. Around 11 o'clock a suburban carrying eight passengers was rear-ended by a sedan as it waited to make a left hand turn into the parking lot of North Fork's Red Barn.
07/08/14 06:32 PM

Two fires Monday consumed nearly 90 acres of land, including that near the Medicine Lodge State Archeological Site. "A burn barrel fire up at Shell burned-up 69 acres of BLM," said Captain Brent Godfrey with the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office.
07/08/14 03:11 PM
A community group is under deadline to find a water a source if it wants to continue gardening in the future. Powell's community garden is on city property across the street from the original high school's football field.
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07/01/14 03:16 PM
For the past several days, parts of Wyoming have been seeing smokey conditions, and many are wondering if there are nearby fires. The good news is there are no wildfires burning in Wyoming at this time. The primary source of the smoke is coming from the north, in particular the far north says meteorologist Brian Tesar with the National Weather Service in Billings...
06/27/14 10:22 AM
Big Horn Mountain Radio Network has learned of a shooting incident that occurred in Northern Sheridan County last night at 8:42 pm. The Sheridan County Sheriff's office responded to the scene. The incident was said to involve an 11-year-old boy, who was shot by another child. The 11-year-old was transferred to Sheridan Memorial Hospital, where it was then decided he would be life-flighted to Billings due to his injuries. Sheriff Dave Hofmeier has more details about the incident...
06/24/14 02:34 AM
This week is the National Weather Service's Lightning Safety Week across the country. Each year, unfortunately, there are still lightning deaths that could have been prevented by remembering some easy tips. Marilyn Connolly with Johnson County Emergency Management spoke about the week yesterday on Community Speaks, saying it's best to head indoors when thunderstorms approach. One of the worst places you can be is near or on the water, Lake DeSmet for example...
Photo Galleries
07/03/14 12:03 PM
Just a few photos from the Stampede Parade July 3rd, 2014.
07/02/14 01:37 PM
Bobby Rock with the Rodeo Queens during Stampede Week at our Boot Barn live broadcast 11-1 July 2, 2014.
06/23/14 02:52 PM
Here are just a few of the pictures from our Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame induction cerimony. 
05/22/14 03:07 PM
Photos from the search for a missing plane in May of 2014.
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